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What is Lakshya?
Lakshya is a knowledge product aimed at using information in a specific environment at an expert level.

What is the meaning of Lakshya?
Lakshya means "to remain focused on the goal".

What is a Knowledge product?
A knowledge product is one which enforces knowledge based parameters which are inbuilt into a system that ultimately helps the users to function at an expert level.

Why is Lakshya called a revenue weapon?
The objective of Lakshya is to help the entire organization at all levels to focus on its revenue generation activities.

Where is Lakshya used?
Lakshya is ideally used for environments involving sale or service of medium to high value capital products which have a extended sale/service cycle involving multiple calls by multiple persons in the buying organization.

E.g. of products?
  • Earth Moving Machines.
  • Medium & High Power Gensets.
  • Boilers
  • Transport vehicles
  • High value Engineering Equipments
  • Medical Equipment

    What are advantageous of Lakshya?
  • To gain increased efficiency in the distributed selling and servicing environment.
  • Quick response to situations by superior officers.
  • Effective intervention, bring cumulative experience to difficult situation on real time basis.
  • Effective real-time communication.

    How can my sales executive or service engineer give me real-time information?
    Every personnel is given a Login ID and Password. They can define sales calls or service calls from any system which is connected in the Internet and has Lakshya installed on it.

    My machine is behind a proxy, can I use Lakshya?
    Yes, Lakshya supports Socks proxy 4 & 5. Support for HTTP proxy will be available in future versions.

    What does Lakshya Cost?
    Cost of Lakshya will be specific to each selling environment. In general it is rated on installation cost, training & consultancy cost, yearly server maintenance charges and usage cost.

    Do I have to maintain a server at my office.
    No. The server can be maintained in a co-location provided by an ISP.

    Is my data safe?
    Information relating to each company is maintained separately. Net browsing access is insufficient to connect to Lakshya, hence higher security. Totally stand alone servers can be provided for companies on request at a cost.

    Can we keep the server in our custody?
    Server may be located anywhere on the internet but the cost of the server, installation and maintenance cost will have to be separately borne by the client.

    Will there be any additional training for the staff?

    If Internet connection is lost will my data be lost?
    All the information that is saved won't be lost. Only current entry will be affected.

    Can I maintain all the data at my premises?
    Yes, but you need to maintain a server at your premise with just an installation charge.

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