Lakshya Money is a comprehensive accounting management system with advanced functionality and cost-effective financial management capabilities. Perfect for any medium to large sized business.

Lakshya Money gives you the power to run your growing business with maximum efficiency. It’s so simple to learn that even those with little or no accounting experience can easily use the software. It is a solution that puts every aspect of your business in clear view.

Moving from task to task with little effort, data can be easily accessed. The flexibility and comprehensive functionality of Lakshya Money affords possibilities that were previously unattainable to businesses. Lakshya Money provides a secure environment for the financial data and minimizes the risk of intrusion.

  • Quick generation of key financial reports.
  • Increases work efficiency and builds customer confidence.
  • Provides for an extensive search feature.
  • Helps manage every aspect of operation to achieve optimum profitability.
  • Gives up to date information anywhere anytime.